09: This Podcast Was Enhanced With Adobe Photoshop Essentials

February 23, 2016

This time Cameron and Walker talk about cotton and a little about music and some other stuff.


Walker tries to use the Hydrogen drum machine as a sound effect board, but is afraid to restart the Jack Audio Connection Kit to get his MIDI controller recognized.

We discuss how decibels are a relative unit, but what are they relative to? No one knows.

Chromatic Aberration is something that annoys people with thick glasses–first pointed out (to me) that it’s a problem with Apple’s UI by Siracusa.

The ubiquitous “magic fireball” sound effect is possibly best known for being from Doom II.

Jeb! begs people to clap, which is very sad and has become something of a meme.

Walker talks about how he now works with cotton, which is mildly interesting. Naturally, Cameron already knew that pima cotton is the best.

Here’s a Cash back card comparison to help you all game the system.

February is InCoWriMo–International Correspondence Writing Month. Tweet at or email us if you want a letter.

Walker got some overpriced stationery with sperm whales on them but couldn’t remember which whale it was because there are too many shapes and sizes of different cetacea.

February is also Record Production Month.

Some of the music from the X-Files is sparse, but here’s the theme song, which isn’t.

According to Wikipedia, there is actually is a stylistic relationship between Stravinsky and Glass.

Cameron likes Audacity just fine.

Here’s an Art Assignment video about the idea that anyone could have painted that, but didn’t.

Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack to Interstellar and the story of its relatively sparse instructions from director Christopher Nolan, also known for Memento.

Music of the band Rachel’s reminds one of said soundtrack because of the usage of ostinato.

Is Windows 10 going to be like Theseus’ Ship?

Adobe’s fear of genericized trademarks becomes absurd when they instruct us whether or not it is ok to use the word “photoshop” as a verb.

Google had a similar blog post on how to use the word Topeka.

Walker likes to use a fuzzy clock, and here is the one he uses at work. Possibly to reduce cognitive load–a recommendation from “people in the know“.

This is the Canvas L.L. Bean Shirt whose medium is larger than it used to be. Maybe Walker should have gone with neoprene clothing instead since it is actually the next big thing?


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